Molano (New Single) Love Consequence is accepted with love

New American Artists "Molano" and their "LOVE CONSEQUENCE" so far is accepted with love by fans, and new listeners.  From their Mom's closest friends who have been the supporters of the twins since age five are also excited and overwhelmed.

"Wow, the twins voices are gorgeous and powerful. I love it, what a beautiful song." 

Their big sister from San Francisco, California just texted, " Mom, I like the song, I just bought my copy."

Listeners from Savannah, Georgia were speechless when they heard the song, "Wow, they are very good, beautiful song. We will definitely buy the music."

This second day since the released. The Molano is very optimistic of where the "Love Consequence" is going. It is not about us, it is our music. We want them to be heard by all kinds of audiences throughout the world.

The Molano (Marnie and Nicole) thanked and appreciated everyone for their support.  Any day now, the Twins will release their music video.    

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