From Molano Twins at 3 to Molano !

Molano Twins age 3 to Molano ( the name they finally have chosen to represent them now), have evolved with the world and sound of music after two decades. Their Mom saw her twins grew up from singing covers and making the songs their own. They harmonized. They belted a few songs reasonably and fairly. They competed twice and won first and second placer (Marnie) at age 10. However, the evolution of technology changed their world when growing up. They got their first real cell phone at the age of 15. The twins shared everything when little. They know the value of not taking things for granted and to often hear their Mom saying" "every penny counts." 
Later in time, the twins' personalities differ. Nicole's love and passion for music was deeply rooted. She always tags along with her Marnie, her twin. Nicole's every fiber of her existence speaks more of her music where she was soaked from day one since she heard the first sound of a musical note. 

On Friday, April 28, 2017, the world will hear their new single which is written and produced by Nicole herself. She took it to Andrew Lane, an award winning producer of Irene Cara and Back street Boys to re mix. The twins had an emotional but "worth it" ride while recording this song. The signature harmony they always put together in their every performance will once again be heard in this single. However, the only difference is- this new single is their own creation that eventually after years and years of waiting has blossomed in time. 

Their "Give Us A Break" musical CD in vinyl at the age of six, will finally reveal that once you believe in something when younger, it will just bring you somewhere in time with no boundaries. To the Twins, that is the true love and passion for music.

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