Simple, Down to Earth, Quiet, Determined and Global 


When identical twins- Independent and Unsigned American Artists, and Actresses Marnie and Nicole (born and raised in California) first took their show on the road at the age of five, they brought with them their own sounds and style in singing cover songs of famous artists, and the duo did not realize that they were already creating their future in music. A year prior to that, at the tender age of four, their parents divorced. 

In spite of their youth, their ardent interest in music and performing on stage were deeply rooted, showing extraordinary strength in almost perfect impromptu harmony they sometimes created that often warmly touched their audiences. By word of mouth promotion and with powerfully energetic live performances, they were sometimes booked on the spot for their next gigs. At this stage of their development, they continued to add more influences to their long genre which included Bessie Smith, Ray Charles, James Brown and even Eminem. 

While growing up, they seldom played outside among other children. Then as early as the age of six they were exposed in the  music studio to record their songs by memory, even before they had learned to read and write. 

They began to be booked in and out of town and state and made a name for themselves in the local entertainment arena.   At the age of nine, they were dubbed as "Pop Divas" by local media around California when performing as show openers and main feature entertainers in many small and big events.  At the age of eleven, the twins were invited to sing nationwide at  the Steve Harvey Show as Little Big Time guests.  Inspired by Steve's words calling  them  " beautiful and doubly talented on the show," it was there that the twins first felt like "Stars." 

 At the age of  twelve,  the twins spent two weeks in Brooklyn, New York to record their first six original songs with Franklyn T. Grant.     F. T. Grant has worked with Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Boyz  2 Men, Toni Baxton, and Jennifer Lopez, to name a few.  The songs from that session were never released.  At the age of fifteen, the sisters recorded three songs written by R. Batups and produced by  R. Berry, a Grammy-nominated producer based in San Francisco. Two top music executives, Sony's N. Levine and Snoop Dog Manager, Ted Chang, showed interest in their new sounds and music.  From their youthful perspective, the duo never fully visualized at the time where their path would take them after all their works and efforts to record the songs. All they knew in their hearts was that they wanted to continue singing and entertaining. 

At the age of fourteen, Nicole started to write and to produce songs on her own. 

In high school, the twins were busy in school activities, attended separate classrooms, and their individual interests began to diverge, but they always shared a strong common  passion for music. Even though they were twins, they separated ways, associated with different friends, and enjoyed differing  interests. The sisters both worked in the same job locations to help support themselves, and continued to  share their talents to the community.  They occasionally had mini concerts around the county where they grew up, and traveled around the US.  They helped raise funds for charity and non-profit causes, most notably the Music Education departments in local schools. In spite of their ups and downs as teens, they always continued to be there for each other in tough and rough times. 

    In 2013, Nicole struck out on her own and wrote, produced, and released her first solo single entitled "Newports." In the next two years "Newports" became global, attracting audience appeal around the world.  After the release,  she continued to write more songs.  Marnie on the other hand, made a cover of Drake's "Marvin's Room" when she was seventeen.  Her own version of the song has gained hundreds to thousands of listeners worldwide after it was released in 2016. 

In September 2014, both young ladies finally relocated to Los Angeles, California where they worked odd jobs to support themselves and their music.  In LA, they gained experience in various commercial modeling and independent acting jobs. 

  In 2016, Nicole had an opportunity to be booked in a number of non- speaking roles in the Fox Channel TV Series ,"Empire," as well as in a few other TV series.  The opportunity was an opening door for her to enter. Later, Marnie accompanied her to the set, and also was introduced to the casting directors. Then, before the year ended Marnie and Nicole both moved to Chicago, Il. Crew personnel would often say "the twins are here," when the duo arrived.  Through all the years, being on stage was not new to the twins. In their unique ways, they made a name for themselves in the local entertainment arena and were booked in as many as three events per weekend, locally or out of town and state. 

Their journey in the music world was temporarily suspended for a time, but deep in their hearts the twins emotionally expressed their feelings that they  trusted their talents to find a path forward for them. 

In spite of facing overwhelming challenges while growing up, the twins persevered, and have blossomed in time. They evolved eventually with their musical goals and learned from their own personal experiences. Their passion and love for music and performing arts became intensely heightened as Nicole sought to take " the music matter"  in her own hands.  Young as she was at the age of nineteen, 8Mindset Records sprung as her brainchild. 

Thus, in no time, toward the beginning of 2016, Nicole was ready to finally re-mix and reproduce one of her written songs with Andrew Lane, a Billboard award winning  producer from Los Angeles, CA. Lane has worked with Backstreet Boys and Irene Cara. He told the twins "you are real."  After the finalized recording of the song, the twins left and moved to Chicago. Finally, in March 2017,  with Nicole's pushing the green light button their most awaited and anticipated single together entitled "Love Consequence"- with a Pop, electric dance genre  - came to life and aptly is on schedule for release on April, 2017. 

The Molanos' path might be unorthodox, but surely they know they are leaving a trail."